Who can apply for a grant?

We encourage all educators, students, artists, thinkers, and organizations at any stage in their careers to apply. Unlike conventional grant programs, participants receive funding immediately and therefore are enabled to create timely work.

This call is open to any individual or team of individuals. Any team that submits a proposal must list an individual team leader as the main point of contact. Individuals and teams may submit multiple entries, but each entry must be submitted with its own application.

How much is the grant?

The winning proposal will be awarded a grant to be used in the execution of the concept.

The grant will be delivered in two installments:

  • $2500 will be awarded at the FEAST ceremony,
  • When the applicant has completed the proposed project, a second installment will be awarded in the amount of the difference between the direct cost of the event and the total ticket sales (estimated value of the second installment: $2000)

What kind of projects are likely to receive funding?

As with any grant, the main criterion is quality. No matter the medium, mode or method, if your proposal is compelling, thought provoking, and clearly communicated to the voter, you have a good chance of winning. There are no absolutes, and want to see a diversity of applications. Nonetheless, we seek projects that have an impact on the community funding them. This is very open to interpretation; it doesn’t have to be a civic or environmental project, it just needs to keep the community in mind. If it does not in any way speak to a community, much less the attendees of FEAST, it is unlikely to be funded. Think outside your practice — we are inspired by individuals looking beyond their everyday mediums to execute pointed projects that are creative, interesting and seek to engage, improve or define a community.

I can’t make it to the event, can I still apply?

No — You must be present at FEAST to present your proposal. Grant recipients are required to present their progress at the following FEAST.

Where can I purchase tickets to the FEAST?

You can soon purchase tickets online for BHM FEAST. Design Week Birmingham event tickets should also be available at dwbhm.com in the near future.

When/where is FEAST?

Saturday, OCTOBER 24, 6 pm. Location: T.B.D.

Dinner ticket cost?

Suggested ticket price $45 per ticket. Includes dinner, dessert, drinks, seat and ballot.

Can I just buy a ballot?

Base price is $20 which is to be awarded to Grantee (cost per ballot). We encourage attendees to give above the $20 threshold but will allow people to give less if ticket price is prohibitively expensive.

Additional $25 covers dinner, dessert, drinks, seat, music

I want to take photos, video, etc at the event, can I?

Of course! The dinner is public and so you are more than welcome to take photos, write about it for your local paper, video the dinner and put it online, vine, instagram, youtube, blog, vimeo, facebook, tweet, etc.

I want to volunteer with setting up before the dinner, can I?

Awesome! YES!!! Please email info@dwbhm.com and let us know you have some time beforehand to lift some tables onto crates and help with set up!

Can I donate money to BHM FEAST?

Yes please! We are always accepting donations to help BHM FEAST run it’s dinner and get more money into the hands of local projects. All money raised prior goes to help pay for the cost of putting on the dinner, paying local artists to share or perform at FEAST, pay overhead costs, etc.

You will also have an opportunity to donate at the time of the event if you wish.

How did BHM FEAST come about?

feastBirmingham Feast- Funding Emerging Arts with Sustainable Tactics We were inspired by the FEAST (Funding Emerging Art with Sustainable Tactics) Brooklyn model and wanted to try it out in Birmingham, Alabama. Starting in 2013, a group of friends started Design Week Birmingham, which we thought would be a great conduit for the BHM FEAST event. As a result, BHM FEAST will be the final event at this year’s second annual Design Week Birmingham.