What is BHM FEAST?

BHM FEAST (Funding Emerging Art with Sustainable Tactics) is a public micro-granting supper during which diners vote to democratically fund projects that use design as a transformative tool to better our community.

The grant amount to be awarded at the dinner will have an guaranteed value of $2,500 and an estimated value of $5,000 depending on ticket sales. Unlike conventional grant programs, BHM FEAST brings people together for conversation centered on design and innovation. This will be Birmingham’s second FEAST, in conjunction with Design Week Birmingham.


Join the Party

OCT 24, 6 p.m.
Tickets: $45

Our Mission and Values

Our mission is to promote community-based development through crowd-funding creative projects that positively impact Birmingham. We value community, creativity, collaboration, progress, design and democracy. We hope to empower residents, allow people to establish new relationships and networks, promote action and change, foster critical dialogue and instill neighborhood pride.

The Proposal and Selection Process

Before BHM FEAST, we will post an open call for submissions. The application process is a simple online form. After the deadline, a panel of judges and BHM FEAST organizers will choose up to five finalists.

If selected, finalists will be notified. They will prepare their final BHM FEAST presentation, and agree to make a presentation in person on October 24.

We send our regrets to those not chosen and invite the selected participants to present their proposals at BHM FEAST. Of course, anyone can still attend the dinner and help choose the final funded project.

Proposals are evaluated on these terms


    Is this an original and/or compelling project with creative merit?


    Will this project address or be of interest to the community that is funding it?


    Is this a fully-considered project? Is it communicated effectively? Is it feasible? Can the designer or group execute the project based on the description?

The Dinner and Voting Process


At BHM FEAST, patrons will pre-purchase a dinner ticket for which they receive a locally sourced, farm-to-table style dinner and a ballot to vote on the night’s presentations.


 At the event, each finalist has up to 8 minutes to present their idea and answer a few questions from attendees. There will be time as well for attendees to review the presentation materials and discuss the proposed project with the finalist(s) behind each idea.


After the presentations, attendees cast their ballot for their favorite project. The votes are counted and, at the end of the night, the finalist who receives the most votes is awarded a grant to carry out the proposed project.


The grantee has four months to carry out the project. A party to launch the project will be scheduled by the grantee for spring 2016.  Additionally, the grantee will be asked to present their outcomes at the 2016 FEAST.

Timeline & Important Dates

  • September 1: Open call for submissions
  • September 30: Submissions due (mailed entries to AIA office)
  • October 1: DWB panel picks up to five finalists to narrow list to 12-16 finalists
  • October 2-7: Expert panel judges finalists and ranks top three (3-5 finalists)
  • October 8: Finalists announced
  • October 24: FEAST

Design Challenge

Ready to submit an idea?